Development prospects for 2013 craft gift market trends

In 2013, what is the developmental tendency in the whole metal wall art market and which is more optimistic about the market?

The gift will be to the brand trend

In Hangzhou, more and more Hangzhou gift companies recognize the brand influence and appeal, in order to avoid disorderly competition, to occupy the dominant position in the market. With respect to some well-funded companies began to brand planning layout, brand development from last year has been reflected fairly obvious. I believe there will be more gift company to develop in this area, and there will be more gifts brand.

The gift market segments pattern, start from the details seize business opportunities

  With the development of the gift industry and fierce competition, gift company had to do the market from the details, to determine the different market mode of operation by different groups of customers, some companies even give up the original business model, give up the original scope of the market, their market of bureau be confined to one, from small start, do some financial gifts a single financial, do wedding gifts do wedding, and they try to single mode to do more refined and better more professional. Then in the whole consumption chain through a single consumer groups, so as to establish a gift supply chain more accurate.And then by a single consumer groups to drive the entire consumption chain, in order to establish a more precise gift supply chain. Some gift company product line to strengthen the advantages and dominance of a class of products, such as only promotional gifts, specializing in creative gift tableware, specializing in gift pen, specializing in gift cup to become leader in certain products

Customized gifts: personalized, humane, creative technology

A lot of gift companies not only take into account the external factors more consideration to the internal factors of gift, through constant innovation, with a variety of creative, personalized customized gifts to attract consumers, which is a lot more companies to sell a creative gifts custom, named “BOYUAN” is one of the more prominent, unique, creative, new and strange, are attracting many consumers.

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